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Trigger Warning

This comic is for mature audiences only. It is recommended to read through this list of potentially triggering content before proceeding. 

PA - Physical Abuse
MA - Mental Abuse
SA - Implied Sexual Abuse
N - Nudity
RT - Religious Trauma
A/SU - Addiction & Substance Use
V/G - Explicit Violence & Gore
L/SC - Foul Language & Sexualized Commentary
SH - Self-Harm
D - Death & Grieving 

You are important. Utilize caution and self-care if any of these triggers impact you. If you are concerned about any of the content above, you may also refer to the list below of page numbers that contain potentially triggering scenes. Each page listed will identify the type of trigger from the codes listed above. 


Note: If none of these triggers are a worry to you, you are recommended not to view the highlighted trigger pages so as to avoid spoilers.  

Highlighted Trigger Pages

Page 7 - L/SC

Page 9 - A/SU

Page 10 - SH

Page 13 - N/V/G

Page 14 - N/V/G

Issue 2 Page 1 - N (slight)

Issue 2 Page 2 - V/G

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